about Claudia

Claudia is a passionate piano teacher, accomplished musician, and dedicated entrepreneur. She specializes in providing personalized piano lessons for children and adults of all ages. Claudia has worked hard to support and inspire people of all ages, ethnicity, disabilities and backgrounds across the San Francisco Bay Area.

With a deep respect for piano pedagogy, Claudia's approach to teaching combines classical foundations with modern techniques, including sight-reading, technical theory, and a wide range of performance repertoire. In 2009, she achieved Level 10 in Certificate of Merit and Level 10 in the Royal Conservatory. Her talent as a concert pianist was recognized when she performed with Google's acclaimed acappella group, Googapella, while working at Google in 2012. Claudia received her Bachelor's degree from UC Davis. She graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA where she currently teaches today. 

When she's not sharing her passion for music, Claudia is also a social media influencer who enjoys sharing her love of Costco on Instagram. She was recently published in CNBC

Embark on a musical journey at Claudia's Music Studio, where students are guided with compassion, kindness, and creativity.  Join her today and discover the profound joy of music together.